The weekend is here but not the bacteria 8.7.14

Dear River friends, The weather should be sunnier and drier this weekend and while the water may be a bit high from the near daily rains, the good news is that the E. coli counts will be low. Thanks to our wonderful water quality monitoring volunteers and our partners at the Franklin Waste Water Treatment Plant, we have received the results of yesterday.

UMMP 8.7.14

Click here for the for the full spreadsheet: ecoli2014. The bottom line: Have fun on the river this weekend! All of our eleven sites this week are well below not only the Class B standard for the Merrimack River but also Class A waters / designated swim beaches. Class B waters must safely support swimming, fishing, boating, and drinking with treatment. Class A / designed swim beaches is an even stricter standard required for state parks and municipal swim areas and privately owned recreational beaches. As always, never hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Very best wishes for a wonderful weekend on the Merrimack,

Michele L. Tremblay, UMMP Program Director
Steve Landry, Sampling Supervisor
Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program
Upper Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee