Bug Night: the weight of insects

Anyone who even glanced at her face could see that she was a little worried.

“I’m the only one here and I feel like the bugs have had their way with me already,” she said waveringly. Clearly, she was overwhelmed. Six legs grasped her body as large mandibles hovered over her head. She had no idea to what family this particular insect belonged. Was it an unusual instar? Was it pupating? Had the specimen degraded beyond identification?

“I hope that this is the only difficult insect that comes my way this evening.”

The Bug Night People were supportive. “Don’t worry, we will work through our samples and wait for you as you march in ‘figure eights’ through the room to our stations” they said, “It’s just another Wednesday night at St. Paul’s School, after all.”

She was buoyed by their supportive enthusiasm although she still felt some weight on her shoulders as she moved through the laboratory.

“I know that I can’t measure measure up to Steve’s superior eyesight and identification skills,” she said.

The doors click open at St. Paul’s School on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 6:15 PM. ‪#‎BugNights