Bug Night: we’re going to need a bigger key

“Get the dichotomous key,” he said.

Clearly he was stumped. She had given up several minutes ago. The Bug Night volunteer felt lost and hovered nearby. It was obviously a macroinvertebrate—one of the most macro either of them had ever seen.

They assumed the positions, she read the key and he, possessing superior eyesight, examined the huge insect’s morphology.

“Six legs?” she asked.
“Check,” he responded without hesitation.
“Long, segmented antennae?”
“Head capsule well-formed and distinct from the thorax?
“Full body length does not exceed two millimetres?”
He hesitated. “Metres or millimetres?” he asked.
“Millimetres,” she responded.
“Let’s start over,” he said, “We’re going to need a bigger key.”

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