Are you ready for your “scope-up” at Bug Night #2?

The studious volunteer peered through the stereoscope. He saw immediately that something stood out from the other specimens. It seemed familiar somehow; something from his childhood or perhaps another childhood. What was even more distinct about the specimen was that it appeared to be looking back at him. He looked closer and recognized her, albeit vaguely.

“Wait a minute, haven’t I seen you before? I know your face. You’re, ah, um…,” he stuttered, “You used to be big in petri dishes.”

“I am big,” she said, “It’s the petri dishes that got small.”

He thought, how could this be? A famous, albeit forgotten, bug [in]star in his very own petri dish at Bug Nights in the St. Paul’s School laboratory. She seemed sad yet haughty as if all that she had left was the dignity of what she once was. What kind of life could this be for her? She was reduced to being but one instar among many, sharing the stereoscope limelight. He was unsure what to do. As he was about to motion for one of the swiftly moving white-coated Bug Night proctors, the bug spoke again.

“You see, this is my life! It always will be! Nothing else! Just us and the stereoscopes, and all those wonderful volunteers…,” she cried, “All right, Mr. Volunteer, I’m ready for my close-up.”

Bug Night #2: February 1, 2017 beginning at 6:00 PM. Please knock on the door or window if you come a bit later or the door is locked.

Bug Night of the Living Dead 2017


You can be a B-movie star at the Twenty-second Annual BUG NIGHTS!

Lights, camera, (bugs, denatured alcohol), and… action!

Since 1995, volunteers including anglers, students, teachers, paddlers, and many others interested in the health of the Upper Merrimack River and general river ecology began learning about these fascinating creatures and what they tell us about river conditions.

Your work as a citizen scientist helps determine the health of the Upper Merrimack watershed.

Training is free, fun, and a great way to spend quality time with family and friends as well as an opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program Bug Nights 2017 sessions are held on most Wednesdays from late January through mid-May at St. Paul’s School.

This year, the doors open at 6:00 pm and we will exit the laboratory promptly at 9:00 pm

An instructional training and refresher class will be conducted during the first session on January 25, 2017.

Refresher and additional training will be provided at each session.

All equipment and alcohol (denatured preserving alcohol only) are provided—just bring yourself and a friend.

Be sure to check to be sure that we are in session that evening. 

Want to be part of the fun? Start by clicking here to download this year’s “Bug Night of the Living Dead” flyer for further details…