Bug Night #11 is next week—and a message for Franklinites

They seemed like an odd trio. One was nattily dressed and sported a neatly trimmed beard. One appeared to be a banker in a sharkskin suit and was clean shaven. The other sported a timeless, segmented exoskeleton and antennae. They clustered at the back door of the laboratory building, shading their eyes to peer in.

“The lights are off,” said the antennaeed one, “I can only see the glow of the aquaria.”

The suited men pulled on the door handle and confirmed that it was locked and that the “Bug Night of the Living Dead” poster was not on the entry display.

“Did you check your email?” asked the bearded man.

“How can I check email?” asked his bug-eyed friend, “I have only pedipalps, do you have any idea how long it would take just to type my user name?”

A quick check of the Bug Nights email from April 11 confirmed that yes, there was no Bug Night on Wednesday, April 12.

The banker observed that a night off, while a bitter disappointment, would give them all time to rest for the big push to identify everything and everyone before laboratory work ended in less than a month.

The insect had no where to go with the laboratory being her home since January. She decided to burrow under the laboratory building’s foundation until then. The men drove away despondent but excited about next week’s challenges.