You could learn a lot from a bug… October 5, 2017

You could learn a lot from a bug…

…and we all did! On October 5, 2017, volunteers came to New Hampshire Audubon for a preview of Bug Nights 2018, learned about bugs as if they were “family,” and participated in a fun activity to design macroinvertebrate communities in their habitats. The volunteers did an amazing job internalizing quickly the characteristics and needs of the “bugs” and matching them with their likely habitats. Well done!

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A virtual stream continuum—just add macroinvertebrates!
A fine upstream habitat crowded with sensitive macroinvertebrates.
Kind of a middle-of-the-road (or river) habitat. Nothing terrible but not pristine with adaptive macroinvertebrates.
NOT a good part of the river: too straight, too much development, and not the best diversity of organisms.