You can’t miss it: Bug Night #4

Honestly, she thought, the attention to simple details seems to be all but gone. How hard can it be?

As she walked along Silk Farm Road, she could not help noticing the consternation in their faces. The confusion in their eyes. The frustration that emanated from their pores. She overheard snippets of conversations as they passed one another.

“Bug Nights. I just need to get to Bug Nights before all the good forceps are taken.”

“I heard that if you get there late you get a dim bulb ‘scope.”

“The White Coats said it would be easy to find the laboratory.”

They looked like bugs themselves; albeit with less purpose and no organization. They swarmed in every direction but that of the Lindsey Center. Given that they were walking in multiple directions, it was clear that they were lost. She had to intervene.

“Who wants to go to Bug Nights?” she shouted to no one in particular. Everyone froze. Slowly, they turned in her direction.

“It’s easy, just look for the building with the observatory-style tower on the front. It’s practically the tallest building on campus. You can see it from Pleasant Street…”

All eyes turned west.

“You can’t miss it,” She said as she turned to face the tower herself, “It’s…”

You can’t miss it because we would miss you. This could be the night when we get all samples off sorting trays and into jars for, well, more sorting. Don’t let us miss you on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM sharp.

When you arrive, resist the urge to scale the building and windows. Just tap on windows or door so that one of your new or returning friends can admit you. Everyone is welcomed for some serious roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-down-to-some-serious-sorting.