The Bug Night-er always rings twice: Bug Night #10

The telephone rang incessantly. The calls ranged from timid to whining to angry. The texts included ALL CAPS and exclamation points. The emoji cannot be transcribed.

“Hey, no rush but I was wondering if there was Bug Night tonight,” queried one volunteer.

Maybe it was too much for them all having the last week off.

“Please tell me that there is Bug Night tonight,” whined one exceedingly frustrated citizen scientist.

The White Coats were sympathetic. Sometimes, there were circumstances beyond their control.

“Is there Bug Night tonight or not?” demanded a frustrated Bug Night-er.

Yes, there is a Bug Night.


We will see you on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM sharp (ending just as sharply at 8:59 so that we do not tax our kind St. Paul’s School hosts).

No phone calls (or texts), please. Apply in person at the laboratory door or windows.

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