I refuse to accept it’s over: Bug Night #11

“But I’m not finished, yet!” cried the overly zealous volunteer after learning that it was the last Bug Night of the year.

The White Coats’ faces were impassive. They were ambivalent. While they were happy to have more time to dedicate to preparing for and executing the water quality monitoring and rock basket field work, they would miss the hard working Bug Night-ers.

“I will chain myself to a ‘scope before I let it happen,” pronounced the zealot, “I mean it.”

“Please help yourself to another chocolate mint,” offered the female White Coat.

The zealot appeared mollified. For now.

We will see you on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM sharp (ending just as sharply at 8:59 PM so that we do not tax our kind St. Paul’s School hosts).

Let’s make the most of our last evening together. No chains will be allowed in the laboratory.

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