Established in 1990, the Committee has become known—affectionately—as “UMRLAC” (pronounced “ummm’-rah-lac”).

Since 1990, the UMRLAC has represented its six communities of Boscawen, Bow, Canterbury, Concord, Franklin, and Northfield in a variety of studies and planning activities. It serves as the area’s advisory board on its designation in the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program and conducts a variety of projects and programs in the upper Merrimack watershed.

According to purpose and duties outlined NH RSA 483:8-a, the UMRLAC is

  • To advise the commissioner, the advisory committee, and the municipalities through which the designated river or segment flows on matters pertaining to the management of the river or segment. Municipal officials, boards, and agencies shall inform such committees of actions which they are considering in managing and regulating activities within designated river corridors;
  • To consider and comment on any federal, state, or local governmental plans to approve, license, fund or construct facilities that would alter the resource values and characteristics for which the river or segment is designated, and to develop or assist in the development and adoption of local river corridor management plans; and
  • To report annually to the advisory committee and the commissioner on the status of compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, local ordinances, and plans relevant to the designated river or segment and corridor.

The UMRLAC is governed by its bylaws, written 1994 and amended most recently in 2019.