BugNight #7: Look up! What is that up in the sky?

“There’s not a lot of parking with these mountains of snow from the blizzard,” observed the nervous parental Bug Night-er.

“Look, there are helpful drones to lead us to the larger parking lot across the road,” said the larvae, “I think I read about it in the Bug Night of the Living Dead flyer.” The larvae was small but he felt that he was superior to his parent by being so observant. His compound eyes were able to see the drone, the laboratory building, and the huge parking lot in one glance. He questioned why his nervous parent was never on the ball. Didn’t he have much larger compound eyes? What the larvae didn’t know was that both of their brains were small. They did not possess the higher functions of reasoning and understanding others’ motivations. The insects operated primarily on instinct; guided by the habits of millions of generations before them.

“Wait a minute,” said the adult insect, “We are ants: we marched here—we don’t need parking and we certainly don’t need ‘helpful’ drones.”

The insects moved quickly to the building and clung to the exterior walls. They knocked desperately on the laboratory windows as the drone hovered ominously above them.

The doors open at six on Wednesday. Please knock on the windows if you arrive a bit late. We can’t wait to see you there.